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16.04.14 Blog Archive

Take The Easy Way Out When Cooking For The Family

We all know that cooking for the family isn’t always easy. We’d love to have five hours of prep time to get in those tasty fruits and vegetables, but there are always going to be those days when time is not on your side. It’s easy to just give in and grab a cardboard pizza or order take out, but the quality of the food isn’t up to our standards and it can be way more expensive to eat out.
Happy Boy Eating Pizza With Ihs Parents
Instead, try these quick takes on some family favorites that give us the ...Read more...

Why Everyone Loves Dads that Cook on the Grill

Dad GrillingWhen the weather starts to warm up and the grass turns green, my thoughts turn to steaks, chops and chicken prepared fresh on the grill. Everyone can’t help but love dads that cook on the grill. The grill is dad’s domain and we can’t wait for winter to flee, so we can haul out the grill and commune with the barbecue gods.
Propane versus Charcoal
There has been an endless debate about the merits and problems between using a propane grill and a charcoal one. Dads everywhere are undecided, but purists believe that charcoal is ...Read more...

Dad Cooking? The Stay At Home Dad

Father Preparing Family Breakfast In KitchenWhile I’ve been on the road, I’ve met a lot of different kinds of dads. Dad cooking has so become commonplace I’ve met dads that can make gourmet meals, dads that stick to frozen pizzas and dad that can make the classics with their own special touches.

We’re all open to cooking and having fun. I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of dads who stay at home while the mother works. Gender roles have changed dramatically over the last 20 years and no longer is dad the sole breadwinner. It’s ...Read more...

Cooking with Dad: Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned Beef And Cabbage DinnerMarch is known for St. Patricks’ Day, and it’s a great time to celebrate one of Ireland’s greatest and most famous dishes, corned beef and cabbage. If your family has an Irish background, then you can use this as an opportunity to get the kids cooking with dad.

Corned beef and cabbage is an important dish in Ireland.  If you’re looking to make your children mindful of where they came from, then a special St. Patrick’s corned beef and cabbage meal is ...Read more...

Menu Planning: Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

cookingfromasahm4345We talk a lot here about the men of the house cooking for the family, but we recently connected with Alyssa Blais and her blog, Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom and simply had to share with you. She fills her blog with healthy recipes, family meal advice, and fun "Simple Supper Tuesday" parties where readers submit their easiest favorites! She recently gave us a lovely feature, so after you read her advice for family ...Read more...

Dad’s Cooking His Signature Dish

SpecialEvery chef, every cook, has a dish that they are known for. It’s the dish that everyone wants them to make because it’s their signature dish. It’s their specialty. When dad’s cooking that special dish everyone shows up to dinner with bells on.

The signature dish doesn’t have to be something special. It just has to be something that you do well and that you can put your own special take on. It can be anything. I know one father that can make a grilled cheese like nobody’s business.

...

Men Cooking Lamb: Don’t Be Scared

Organic Grilled Lamb Chop On A PlateWhen it comes to a nice romantic dinner, you can’t go wrong with lamb chops. It’s a tender and succulent meat that tastes absolutely amazing. When it comes to men cooking lamb, we can get a little nervous. It’s unknown. We’ve all cooked beef and chicken, but no one on Hell’s Kitchen ever gets the lamb right, so what are the odds of us doing it?

It’s enough to give a guy an anxiety attack. The reality ...Read more...

Should a Cooking Dad Cook for Himself?

Couple fighting over a shopping cart - isolated over whiteI’ve written many articles about dads like us cooking for our families. By now, a cooking dad knows what foods his oldest loves and what dishes the wife won’t touch with a 10-foot pole. But have you ever thought of making your own favorite dishes?

I think as part of being a father and husband, we all make sacrifices for the greater good. You may love tomatoes, but the wife is allergic, so there are never any in the house. Maybe your children can’t stand fish, so you haven’t had that fried ...Read more...

Why Kids Like Cooking with Daddy

Cooking FamilyWe spend the majority of our lives molding our children into the proper adults they are to become. In between, we try to have as much fun quality time with them as possible, because we realize they won’t be children forever. Cooking with daddy is always a fun thing for the kids to do and they love every minute of it. We may often wonder what makes cooking with us so special. Well, there are many reasons why that’s true, but some of the most common reasons are below.
One-on-One Time
We don’t want to work. We’d ...

When Cooking for the Family Becomes Too Much

Superhero DadLife isn’t easy. We all know that it’s filled with ups and downs. Sometimes we can handle them, and other times we begin to feel overwhelmed. When we guys began cooking for the family, maybe it was out of necessity or out of a sense of duty. Maybe we just loved it. When things take a turn for the worse, cooking is one love that can quickly become a burden. Don’t worry when this happens. We can make it through it, you just follow a few steps.
Not Every Meal Has to Be a Feast
We all get ...

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